Webfroot Shoutbox

Current version: 3.00 alpha - http://sourceforge.net/projects/shoutbox/


Webfroot Shoutbox is PHP script released under the GPL. Also known as a tagboard or a blabbox, shoutboxes allow visitors to your website to leave messages to other visitors quickly and easily.

This site is just a place holder until someone gets the time to develop it further.

What you'll find here

Currently, all you will find here is just the alpha demo. If you find any bugs, please file them in the bug tracker. If you have any suggestions, post them in the feature request tracker (after checking if it hasn't been posted already).

Getting Shoutbox

You can currently get Shoutbox 2.32 from the downloads page, or get Shoutbox 3.00 alpha from the project CVS. This will be the case until Shoutbox 3 is in a stable, installable state (which it is currently not).

Want to help?

Are you one of the following, and want to help out with Shoutbox? Email me at glutnix @ users.sourceforge.net

We currently are looking for:

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